What we're about + who we are  -
The E | 3 Collection can be confidentially described as passion driven by purpose. Our core principles, elevate, enable and empower, guide the Collection. We are a diverse group of Chicagoland, women-owned boutiques working together to grow and leverage each other’s talents and values constantly as we constantly evolving as both a collective and as individuals.
The Processs -
Step 1: Complete the Application
* must be 16 years of age or older
* must provide a copy of your most recent transcript or report card with a copy of valid photo ID
* must acknowledge that they have received parental/guardian consent prior to application submission
Step 2: On-Demand Interview
* If selected to move past the initial application step, you will receive a link to submit an on-demand recorded interview (additional instructions to be provided)
Step 3: 15 Minute In-Store Photoshoot
* If eligible, applicant will be provided a date/time with additional casting information
Step 4: Formal Announcement 
Selected models will be announced and notified (1) week after trial shoot